Wedding Video Booth Rental

If you're considering a wedding video booth rental with SpeechBooth, you've come to the right place. Our team makes it easy for you, just check out our 5 star rating on Wedding Wire

The way SpeechBooth works is as follows:

  • Reserve your wedding video booth rental by ordering here. Tell us the names of the couple getting married, the date of the wedding and the shipping address.
  • Our team will then build your custom video booth, complete with a personalized SpeechBooth app containing the first names of the couple getting married.
  • 2-3 days before your wedding, your SpeechBooth will arrive in an easy-to-carry box containing everything you need including: tripod, mic, HD light, sign, iPad with personalized app, all weighing less than 10 pounds. 
  • From there, set up SpeechBooth anywhere you'd like for your wedding/reception. Remember, it's your wedding video booth rental so do whatever you want! SpeechBooth is portable and can be moved around or remain in one place. There's no attendant needed, no wifi or power needed either, just turn it on and you're good to go.
  • Once the fun begins, guests will leave loving, hilarious and memorable speeches. Don't be surprised if you see a little something extra too, we've seen guests sing, dance, perform scenes from movies, theatre name it! We've even seen married couples leave surprise messages/vows to each other! 
  • After your ceremony, break down SpeechBooth and put it back in the box. Slap your return FedEx shipping label (which we include) on the front of the box and send it back to us. 
  • Once our team receives your wedding video booth rental back at HQ, our editing team will get to work. We'll create an online user account for you and upload your videos. You'll receive all of the raw speeches and two compilation videos. The first compilation video will be all of your speeches edited and put to music, this video can be 15 - 60 minutes long (or more) depending on how many guests you have at your wedding. The second video will be a highlight reel, which will be 60-90 seconds and include all the best/appropriate footage for you to share with everyone! 
  • Sharing your videos is a breeze. Just send links to people to view specific videos or post them on social media. No need to worry about a DVD, although you can download all of the videos from your account if you prefer.

Ok, enough about how it works, let's see some footage!

We'd love to be a part of your special day here at SpeechBooth. If you have any questions remaining, please send us a note at and we look forward to working with you!