Video Booth

Our video booth is perfect for any occasion, whether personal or business. While SpeechBooth has been at countless weddings, our video booth has also found its way to a number of collegiate events, business conferences and corporate events.

Collegiate Events

For instance, check out this awesome compilation video from TCU after Chris Del Conte won Athletic Director of the year!

TCU decided it would be special to have co-workers, colleagues, family and friends leave Chris a congratulatory message on his accomplishments.

We're working with a number of other colleges on alumni events, special projects and outreach programs. Email us at -


Here's an example from a recent conference in New York City, LearnBop, a conference for Math Tutoring. At the conference, our video booth asked attendees one simple question: Why does teaching math matter?

A video booth is the perfect way to connect with conference attendees, collect feedback and learn from your customers or prospects.

Corporate Events

Business of all shapes and sizes have rented our video booth for parties, events, customer appreciation days and however else they can think to use SpeechBooth.

One of our favorite from this past year was Easter Seals. The amazing team at Easter Seals held a gala at Boston's Seaport Hotel and asked attendees to talk about what they value most about Easter Seals.

Tell us about your event!

If you have an event coming up, we'd love to hear about it. Send us a note at