Rethink what a video booth can be...

When we launched SpeechBooth, everything about a traditional video booth was thrown out the window. We focused on 7 main differences between video booths of old and what SpeechBooth's video booth experience would be, which is as follows:

  • Easy - A video booth should be easy to order, setup, use and enjoy. Our process makes ordering to getting your final product easy as pie, so for all of you DIY video booth couples out there, see how easy SpeechBooth is for your upcoming event.
  • Portable - Just because you set your video booth up in one corner of the room, why does it have to stay there for the duration of your event? We encourage SpeechBooth users to move the video booth around and bring it on the dance floor or in the spotlight at a specific event...where you go, your video booth should be able to go!
  • Autonomous - Nobody wants an attendant manning a video booth. Let your guests enjoy giving their speeches when they want, without any pressure.
  • Fun - Let your tie down, take your shoes off, don't be nervous! That's the spirit of SpeechBooth, to provide your guests with a fun and relaxing atmosphere so that they can focus on having a great time and leaving you awesome footage.
  • Affordable - We've seen the "traditional pricing" out there and what's included...we respectfully disagree, which is why you'll find SpeechBooth the most affordable high quality video booth on the market.
  • Flexible - We work on your terms. You tell us what you need by when, and your customized SpeechBooth will arrive at your front door, hotel, office or anywhere else that's convenient for you.
  • Experiential - Whether you're having a wedding or corporate event, it's all about the experience. Watch our customer videos, what's the once thing you notice? Everyone is having an experience to remember, and your guest will too!
  • Video booth vs. photo booth - To capture the best moments live at your wedding, a video booth is a must, check out our recent blog article about the differences between a video booth and photo booth!

If you have any questions about SpeechBooth please send us an email at If you're ready to order your SpeechBooth now, just head to our orders page!