Why a Wedding Video Booth?

First of all, your wedding video booth shouldn't be a booth at all. In an ideal world (or a SpeechBooth world), you should be able to easily have a customized video recording station for all of your guests to easily enjoy without the hassle of an attendant or complex set up process. 

Video vs. Photo - While photographs are great to have for your first look, wedding ceremony and friends/family pictures, they aren't able to capture the raw emotion of the moment, which in this case is your wedding. 

Put the phones away - One of the reasons SpeechBooth exists is so that your guests can stop worrying about trying to capture video footage on their phones (without the help of lighting, a microphone or stable tripod), and just enjoy themselves. Your SpeechBooth is set-up all night for friends and family to come and go as they please to record heartfelt, fun and/or entertaining video messages. 

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