5 Fun Ways Couples Use Their Wedding Video Booth!

We've been asked a bunch of times how couples best use SpeechBooth at their weddings, so we wanted to highlight some of the best examples from this Summer so far of how people are using their wedding video booth...

...But first, here is an awesome recent video from Corey and Matt's wedding on Matha's Vineyard, check out the highlight reel and see how people used SpeechBooth!

5 more ways couples use their wedding video booth! 

1.) Guest book - Why have a boring written guest book when you can have video messages! 

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 7.41.47 PM.png

2.) Song and dance routines - Below are a few guys belting out the lyrics to Sweet Caroline...

3.) Happy couples leaving messages to themselves and commentary at their own wedding!

4.) Group chants...need we say more?

5.) Genuine fun, meaningful and lasting messages from family, friends and loved ones :)

That's it! While we know there are PLENTY of more uses for SpeechBooth, we wanted at least highlight these 5. We'll continue to add to this list and tell us @speechbooth or on Facebook how you used and enjoyed your wedding video booth! 

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