Friends + Family + Wedding Video Booth = Lifetime of Memories

Capturing memories at your wedding can be hard, but, it's also one of the most important parts of your wedding day. Just check out these special moments from Elizabeth and Michael's wedding! What's clear from this video is that first, Elizabeth and Michael are incredibly loved and second, they have amazing friends and family! 

So what's the best way to capture video messages of YOUR friends and family? First ask yourself a few questions:

1.) Do you really want all of your guests on their cell phones all day/night trying to capture videos?

2.) Do you really want someone intrusively walking around your wedding with recording equipment?

3.) Do you really want more people (attendants) at your wedding that aren't your friends and family?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we hope you still have a great wedding, but for those of you who are truly looking for something different...something unobtrusive, simple and wildly entertaining...check out SpeechBooth!