Video Booth Ideas

Looking for wedding or event ideas as to how to best use SpeechBooth? Keep in mind, SpeechBooth is portable (weighs just a few pounds and can be carried by an 8 or 80 year old!), so you can move it around throughout the course of your wedding/event.

Rehearsal dinner - Providing your guests with a video booth at your rehearsal dinner is a nice way to kick off the festivities, and ensures that everyone has a chance to say a few words before the craziness that is your wedding day begins.

Wedding vows - Some of the most heartwarming and memorable footage we've seen is when partners exchange private vows to each other on SpeechBooth, and have them saved on video forever. This can be done before the wedding, during or after, whatever works best for you!

Wedding guestbook - Written guestbooks are fine, but they don't come alive like video speeches! Use your video booth in place of a guestbook and liven up your memories.

Best man and maid of honor speeches - People work hard to prepare and deliver these speeches, let them live in infamy! 

Dance floor - Oh yeah, we've seen it. There's nothing quite like capturing your guests dancing and singing with a SpeechBooth mic in hand. Again, since SpeechBooth is completely portable, you can move it all around your venue.

Dedicated area - Most of our customers setup a dedicated area for their SpeechBooth. We've seen folks use backdrops and/or couches, but the most important thing is to make sure your guests know where to go to get their speeches on!