Making Your Video Booth Portable

One of the best parts about weddings is the amount if unique moments that happen out in the wild.  Belting out the chorus to Don’t Stop Believing, hearing what your crazy uncle has to say about love or the sole fact that all the people you care about most are together in the same room just for you.

With so much going on at your wedding, one thing we love to highlight for our customers is the fact that your SpeechBooth doesn’t have to stay in one place throughout the course of the day. Oh no, this is not your typical video booth, this is SpeechBooth.

Weighing less than 10 pounds, you can pick up your video booth by the tripod and move it around. While you should be cognizant of potential blunders when moving SpeechBooth, remember that everything is attached together, so hold your kit by the tripod and get portable.

You should feel free to move your video booth around to where the action is, whether it be at the bar or on the dance floor. We recently heard from one couple who got married in the mountains of NH, that their SpeechBooth made it to the center of the floor, with people dancing around the tripod and singing to their hearts content…unforgettable footage.

For all day weddings that start outside and end indoors, don’t leave your SpeechBooth abandoned. If the people go inside, bring your video booth in as well! We love to see people get creative with SpeechBooth, it’s one of the best parts about the kit, so get the ideas flowing and create the most unique experiences that you’ll never forget. We’ve see groups of wedding guests reenact scenes from movies, speeches, musical albums…etc, the bolder the better. So enjoy your experience with the video booth and we can’t wait to see your footage!