Video Booth vs. Photo Booth

It's a perfectly legitimate question to ask yourself...should I get a video booth or a photo booth? Or both? Or neither? 

With the meteoric rise of photo sharing over the past few years, we've all become obsessed with photos...I mean just look at the rise of selfies. We've gotten to the point to where everyone has their phone out and in their hand almost all the time! Walking down the street, walking down the hall, walking down the...aisle? That's why we created SpeechBooth.

The glory of having a video booth at your wedding or event is that your guests can leave the most meaningful memories based on their raw and live experience, like Tyler and Madison's wedding!

As you think about your wedding or event and whether or not to get a photo booth or a video booth, this one little exercise might help you decide. Watch the video above and pause it at any moment. Then ask yourself, what captures the emotion of the event more, a static image or a live video?