5 Essentials For Your Wedding Video Booth

A lot of people ask us, where’s the best place to put SpeechBooth at my event? While you can put your video booth wherever you’d like to (because SpeechBooth is portable), we do have a few suggestions.

1. Lighting – The best video recordings are ones with ample lighting. If there’s an area at your event with natural light shining down that’s ideal. If not though, then find a well-lit area of a room for guests to use. If your event is at night and all the rooms are dark fear not, SpeechBooth comes equipped with a light that can stay on all night long!

2. Noise – It’s your wedding, so naturally there’s going to be background noise at your reception! Our recommendation for placing your video booth is to be mindful. For instance, don’t place SpeechBooth next to your DJ Booth or next to large speakers. Rest assured though, our HD microphone does a great job at not only blocking out general background noise but also picking up the voice of the person speaking into the microphone. As long as your microphone is plugged in, you’re good to go on audio.

3. Background – The great part about having a portable video booth is that you can have complete freedom to place it wherever you want. Our tripod only takes up a few feet, so SpeechBooth can fit into tight spaces if needed. We’ve had couples use a bunch of things for their backgrounds including blank walls, a lake, a field and/or setting up a simple backdrop. While the background is something to consider, don’t forget that people are standing roughly 2 feet away from SpeechBooth so most of the focus is on the people and their special messages to you!

4. Height – We know that not everyone at your event is going to be the same height. Thankfully, SpeechBooth can be quickly adjust to accommodate the heights of your guests. With a simple hand crank, the height of your SpeechBooth screen can be brought up or down and easily locks into place.

5. Speeches – When your guests are leaving speeches, they’ll be standing roughly 2 feet back from the screen, although they’re welcome to move around. We’ve seen people sing and dance all over the place when leaving their messages and the more creative the better! While people are leaving speeches, they’ll be instructed to look at the forward facing camera and can leave a speech as long as they’d like. While most video booth speeches last 30-60 seconds, we’ve certainly seen some longer ones :)

We hope you found these tips useful! SpeechBooth takes less than 5 minutes to set-up and comes complete with visual instructions that can be followed with relative ease. If you have any questions regarding your event, reach out to us at info@speechbooth.com!