The Year of the Video Booth has Arrived!

Happy 2016 everyone! If you have a wedding coming up this year, then this is bound to be one of the most memorable years of your life, congratulations! One of the hardest decisions you can make about your wedding is how you're going to remember and cherish it after it's over. While hiring a wedding photographer is an easier question to answer for most couples, the decisions get harder from there as the focus shifts to capturing the best moments from your reception.

As you think about the best way to capture special moments from your wedding reception, you already know all about the "standard" options, but what about something totally unique and different? What about something your guests can fall in love with and enjoy all night? The answer is a video booth. There's nothing that captures the feelings, the atmosphere and the aura of your wedding like a video booth. Think about it, can a picture convey raw emotion like a video? No. 

Ok, so now that we've agreed video is the way to go let's talk about what makes for a great video booth experience. 

Unobtrusive - First and foremost, you don't want your video booth to be an eye soar at your wedding. There's no need to have a clunky looking video booth sitting in the corner of your reception interrupting your guests by ruining the theme of your wedding. Thankfully, SpeechBooth perfectly blends into any wedding atmosphere for you to quickly customize as you please

Casual - Your guests shouldn't need instructions or an attendant just to leave you a video message. Nor should there be someone wandering your reception telling people to leave a video message. No, no, no. Your video booth experience should nice and casual. With SpeechBooth, once you turn it on, it's on all night and guests can easily come and go as they please, leaving a message whenever they're ready. 

Complete - Yes, SpeechBooth is the easiest video booth in the world, but that's because of everything it comes equipped with when it arrives at your front door. Everyone is in an easy-to-carry box which has a handle and can be carried by anyone. In the box you'll find a tripod, a SpeechBooth sign, a microphone, an HD light and an iPad with your customized SpeechBooth app installed and ready to go with the press of a finger. The kit takes less than 5 minutes to set up and truly is the easiest video booth you'll ever see.

Unique - The reason SpeechBooth videos are so special is because guests feel comfortable leaving messages whenever inspiration hits. We've seen people leave 5 or 6 messages over the course of a night, we've seen brides and grooms leave secret wedding vows to each other, we've even seen groups of friends break out into song! Since people don't feel pressured with SpeechBooth, they can just be themselves and share heartfelt, fun and loving memories with you and your spouse.

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your SpeechBooth today!

SpeechBooth in the Press

Here at SpeechBooth, we spent all of last year perfecting our wedding video booth process and have now completed hundreds of wedding all over the country (and the world). We've been featured in:

Customer Testimonials

But don't take our word for it, hear from just a few of the hundreds of happy couples that used SpeechBooth at their wedding, and see even more on Wedding Wire!

"I can't even begin to tell you how much we love this video!! The mix of funny and sweet was perfect, and it captured everyones personalities so candidly"  

Jennifer & Damon

"Joe and I were thrilled to have a SpeechBooth at our wedding. There was a line for it all night, and the videos are amazing!"

Casey & Joe

"I'm so glad I did it. We've watched our videos from aunts, uncles, cousins parents, grandparents and of course our friends so many times and now we have those memories forever"

Karissa & John

"I absolutely love our was like having a next gen Photo Booth at the wedding without having to lug a giant Photo Booth around (which is also impossible for a destination wedding)"

Jenn & Keiran