Vermont Rustic Farm Wedding Video Booth Highlights!

We love when couples get married.

We love when couples get married and have a SpeechBooth at their wedding. Seriously, what better way to capture the day than have a wedding video booth?

BUT, we especially love when couples get married, have a SpeechBooth and then let us write about their big day! 

Meet Alex and Courtney. These two gems met at Skidmore College, dated for a few years in Boston and then it happened. Alex summoned the courage to ask Courtney to marry him. You can read all about the enchanting engagement here, but the important thing to remember is that Courtney said yes and they are both awesome people. I mean look at these two...



When they decided to have their wedding in Vermont, they knew The Alerin Barn was the spot. This place has it all, from private guest accommodations and a fire pit overlooking a pond to a cozy dinner/dancing barn and National Geographic quality scenery all around. 

The good news is both Alex and Courtney showed up on their wedding day. The better news is that they both said yes. The best news is that SpeechBooth was there to capture all the memories that followed after they sealed their love with a kiss.

Want to see? It was pretty awesome, check out the highlights below!

Congrats to Alex and Courtney. To the rest of you, what are you waiting for?

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