Why a Wedding Video Booth Shouldn't be a Booth at All

The reason we started SpeechBooth last year was simple. After attending 10 weddings in 10 months, one thing became crystal clear, that something was missing. That something, was the ability for family and friends to leave video messages to the happy couple in a fun and easy way. 

While we saw people using their phones or being interviewed on video, we knew that wasn't the answer. Not only was the quality of footage from phones low (due to lack of lighting, microphone and stable tripod), but more than that the presence of phones was intrusive to the theme of the wedding. I mean really, who wants to be at a wedding where everyone has their phones out all the time? Sounds lame. 

As mentioned, we also saw at one wedding a full video recording team set-up and walking around the ceremony interviewing people to capture their thoughts about the wedding and couple. Not only was that wildly awkward for people to be forced to speak on camera, but again, also intrusive to have random attendants at the wedding walking around asking people to leave  comments that always ended up uncreative and just felt forced.

Enter SpeechBooth, the new age of the wedding video booth! We created the product with a few things in mind.

Simplicity - SpeechBooth can be used by anyone, set up in minutes and perfectly blends in to any wedding theme. Guests can come and go at their leisure and leave a video message whenever THEY want, as the unit is live and accessible all night long!

Capture the true moment - Photos don't capture the raw emotion of a moment or special event like a wedding. Video is the only medium that truly has the power to bring you back to the feeling of your wedding day.

Creativity - We've seen people leave all types of video messages, and the reason is that SpeechBooth allows people to be comfortable and feel relaxed during their speech. We've seen people sing songs, dance, recite famous quotes, play out scenes from movies, do comedy routines and of course leave heartwarming messages. 

The best way to capture all of the raw emotion from your wedding day is to have a video booth. The best wedding video booth option isn't a booth at all. In fact, it comes in an easy to carry box, sets up in two minutes and is the best thing to hit the wedding market for you and our guests since the open bar. 

So if you're getting married this year, check out SpeechBooth, we promise it will be the most fun you and your wedding guests have in 2015!