The 10 Most Creative Wedding Video Booth Speeches

Here at SpeechBooth people sometimes ask us, what types of video messages usually get left by guests? What can I expect to see on my compilation video? While we've seen it all, there are a few distinct wedding video booth "personas" that we wanted to highlight for you before you order SpeechBooth.

The comedian - This is the person who will do anything to make you laugh when you watch your video compilation. They might reel off their favorite wedding/honeymoon jokes, start interviewing guests or comment on the most fashionably dressed guest at your wedding.

The singer - Don't be surprised when you see your wedding guests leaving you musical performances. This may include show tunes, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," or the new Taylor Swift song. While some people are more off key than others, everyone is having a good time.

The actor - Without a doubt, someone will get into acting mode. They'll reenact a favorite scene from that favorite movie you always watched together when you were in college or just start acting out the first 20 minutes of Wedding Crashers. While this footage is sure to be Gold, we'll leave it to you to send the videos to Hollywood Producers. 

The poet - Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Jodi Picoult...if there's someone who has already said it best, one of your guests will let you know. These speeches are actually quite heartwarming and meaningful, and usually come straight from the heart. 

The best friend - You know that scene from Bridesmaids, and don't be surprised when your "best friend" leaves you a message just making sure you know they're your best friend. They'll recount childhood stories, college memories and that awkward double date you once shared...but ultimately will make you smile and let you know they're always there for you which is why you're best friends in the first place.

The screamer - Inevitably, someone is going to be overly excited about your wedding and they'll let you know it with a collaboration of screams and fist pumps  that belong in the next Pitbull song. You'll especially love watching these clips together after you get back from your honeymoon.

The emotional - Get ready for tears. Whether it's your aunt, Mom, best friend or someone who is just getting caught up in the emotion of the day, this person is going to let you know how happy they are for you and why you're so special.

The advice giver - This person is usually someone with a few years of marriage under their belt, and they simply want to provide a few tips on things to expect during your first years of marriage. Whether serious or joking, the advice giver is a staple within the mix of wedding video messages. 

The wedding date - The wedding date is great because this person may not know a lot of people at your wedding, but will open up to SpeechBooth like you've known each other since 1998 and will try to leave you a memorable message to gain your favor and approval.

The best - The best wedding video booth messages are the ones that come from the heart. They don't always need to be serious, they just need to be honest. Whether recalling a shared memory, an observation of you and your significant other, honoring a loved one or just saying I love you, don't surprised to see speeches that you'll never forget :)

While I'm sure we've missed a few "personas" here, the one thing you can expect from your SpeechBooth video is enjoyment. Expect to see comedy, emotion and honest feelings of love and happiness. Whatever the mix of your compilation video, it's something that can only be captured with SpeechBooth.