The Easiest Way to Use a Wedding Video Booth For Any Destination

So you're having a destination wedding AND you want to record videos during the reception? Historically, you'd be in some trouble as coordinating video recording can be confusing and difficult, and trying to bring your own video recording equipment just sounds like a nightmare...unless you've got SpeechBooth.

Travel - The great thing about SpeechBooth is that it comes in an easy to carry box and can easily be checked with any airline, or depending on the type of plane you're flying can fit in the overhead compartment. Our custom packaging helps make sure everything will stay safe and secure during travel.

Where to put SpeechBooth? - Since you most likely won't see your reception venue until a day or two before your wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is deciding where to put things last minute. Thankfully, SpeechBooth perfectly blends into any wedding atmosphere and only takes up a 2 foot by 2 foot area, so you can place it literally anywhere at your reception! 

Set-Up - No need to worry much about setting up your SpeechBooth. Total set-up from start to finish takes just a few minutes (usually about 2) and everything you need comes included.

Attendant - Worried about who is going to attend to SpeechBooth all night? No need to worry because with SpeechBooth you don't need an attendant! Once you turn SpeechBooth on, it's on all night and is so easy to use a caveman could...well, you get it, it's easy to use. 

So if you're having a destination wedding and want a video booth, you're in luck. Simply let us know the details here and before you know it you'll be enjoying some of the most entertaining video footage around, just like our friends Jenn and Kieran when they recently got married in Punta Cana and took SpeechBooth along for the ride...