The Advantages of a Video Booth

Whether it's a wedding, party, function, gala or conference, every event has one thing in common...memories. Every event craves to be remembered, preserved and shared, both with those who attended as well as those who did not. 

The most popular way to capture memories is photography, there's no question there. But just because photographs are the most popular way to capture the moment, are photographs the best way? Capturing a few photos is important for a few select moments, but what if you want to really relive your event? At SpeechBooth, we think the better answer is a video booth. 

The benefits of a video booth over imagery are endless, but most notably video makes your event come alive. You're able to see raw emotion and hear people share memories, jokes, laugh, cry, dance, sing...we've seen some pretty entertaining things that could never be captured in a photograph. 

Let's compare a brief collage of photographs against one video booth highlight reel from a recent wedding in Vermont:


Video Booth

See what is missed? You'd never hear people singing, or best friends sharing stories, or bride and groom commentary! There's no question, a video booth is the way to go.

If you have all the usual concerns that people have when considering a video booth, let's review a few things:

1. Cost

Concern - Isn't getting a video booth thousands of dollars?

Answer - Usually, but SpeechBooth is just $499 for weddings and $599 for corporate events.

2. Convenience

Concern - Don't we have to have an attendant set everything up and manage the video booth?

Answer - Not with SpeechBooth. We ship SpeechBooth right to your front door or venue in an easy-to-carry box. Our video booth is DIY, sets up in 2 minutes and doesn't need an attendant, it stays on all night long. 

3. Intrusiveness

Concern - I don't want someone walking around my event filming people, nor do I want a clunky booth set up somewhere.

Answer - You can set up SpeechBooth anywhere and customize the experience to perfectly fit the theme of your wedding or event in a non intrusive way. Attendees can come and go as they please and leave their speech in private or with a group of family/friends whenever they're ready.

If you want the best way to capture all the memories of your upcoming wedding or event, we hope you'll consider a video booth. If you're intrigued, don't take our word for it, see why SpeechBooth has a 5 star rating on Wedding Wire!