Savoring Summer And Treasuring Seasons to Come.

Well, we’ve reached that point in the summer, August, the last full month of the season. There’s no reason to fret. The long beautiful days of summer will drift peacefully into the soothing fall nights.  At SpeechBooth, we know wedding season is just getting warmed up even if the evenings begin to cool down. Here are some reasons not fear about the latter half of summer making its way out:

Forget the temperature. Remember the moment.

Whether it's falling rain in the spring and summer, falling leaves in autumn, or falling snow in winter, you can embrace what mother nature has for your big day. Like any good marriage, a wedding is a mix of perfect and imperfect.  Staying in the moment will make the most lasting memories. While we can't recommend putting SpeechBooth outside in the harshest of elements, we can recommend giving your guests the opportunity to leave a message that reflect the essence of that day.

"Like any good marriage, a wedding is a mix of perfect and imperfect.  Staying in the moment will make the most lasting memories."

Can we just say that we love September?

September offers us so much, but perhaps it doesn’t always get the credit due. The busy summer months of beaching, hiking , water-parking, and sunburns are exciting and liberating. But, as soon as Labor Day roles around, everyone can exhale slowly and breathe in some calm after the storm. The weather is still brilliant in September, but the hustle and bustle begins to fade. A top-tier wedding month, September is.

It’s cooler dancing when it’s cooler:

Who hasn’t been there? You’ve gone to the wedding with your best dancing shoes on and you’re ready to let the grooving’ begin. Unfortunately, the wedding tent is 97 degrees and the humidity is stifling. You dance anyway, and everyone else joins in. You can’t not dance! Well, after 15 minutes everyone looks like they’re half way through a marathon and the once pressed beautifully wedding clothes are now completely saturated. It’s a necessary sacrifice, but during the comfortable cool nights it is a whole lot nicer.

Disposable Camera Assassin: We love thee

Picture this, the guests are silent and the ballroom is romantically lit. The band begins to play, the newly weds are embracing each other for the first dance. Then all of a sudden, the semi-clueless cousin breaks onto the dance floor and takes aim; his subject in his sight, his thumb winds the wheel, he's ready to take his shot.  He pulls the trigger--FLASH!

The tactless photographer has struck once more. Regardless of the professional photographer capturing every angel of the occasion, the “disposable camera assassin” has taken it upon himself or herself to try and get that perfect shot. With doing this, they’ve injected themselves “perfectly” into the moment forever.

Luckily, these days the "disposable camera assassin" has been relegated to more subtle methods when taking pictures. No winding wheel, no loud click or blinding flash, just a phone and a facebook wall full of photos where everyone looks surprised and maybe a little confused.  

"...Its great to see what footage is found and relive those moments again. We love when everyone can contribute in a unique way to the wedding story."

Disposable cameras themselves were (and are) not bad devices. There is charm and nostalgia to the less-instant and more mechanical way of taking pictures. Its no surprise to us that it has made such a comeback on the wedding scene--this time under more desirable circumstances. These paper-wrapped toy blocks are fun and interactive piece of wedding paraphernalia, but are thankfully not they are not the only simple option to capture our memories.  

Secret Confession: We love the "disposable camera assassin". We don't condone their actions, but we do recognize that their heart is in right place. They want to help capture personal memories.  We figure that there is a better way to help these assassins be part of wedding, without being PART OF THE WEDDING.

We love disposable cameras and those who wield them. They can take fun images, those behind the scenes moments that typically wouldn’t get capture by a professional photographer. Its great to see what footage is found and relive those moments again. We love when everyone can contribute in a unique way to the wedding story.


Destination Wedding Dos and Don’ts:

Do: Make the most of it.

Try to enjoy the trip. Ok, so you didn’t pick the destination, but it is surely a place worth going. Whether it is a tropical island escape or a rugged outdoor adventure, the destination wedding is meant to be a fresh experience for all. It’s their wedding, but it’s also a chance to escape the monotony and absorb some new sights, sounds, and experiences. Don’t stay in the room and exhaust the $20 rental movies. seize the day.

Don’t: Make 'your vacation' the main focus.

Don't make it all about your vacation. This seems counterintuitive after the last piece of advice, but don’t forget why you’re there. You can enjoy time away, and you can enjoy the destination, but don’t enjoy it so much you miss out on the wedding. We don’t want anyone to be defending their unfortunate position such as: “Sorry I missed the ceremony" [because I was drinking piña coladas on the airboat] or "We love you" [but spent the wedding gifts at the casino]. Do your best to enjoy yourself, but remember why you're there.

Do: Make fast friends

Destination wedding allow for shared experiences for everyone. They can bring people close together in a way that is fun and surprisingly intimate. Your friends getting married, but they’ve also never been to Barbados. The cousins that came all the way from Des Moines, they’ve never swam with the dolphins or seen Komodo dragons fight. These new experiences are fantastic and refreshing and can bring you closer, perhaps in ways you never thought you would.

"...despite the hardships of travel, at the end of the day try to remember why you're here--the bridge and groom..."

Don’t: Try To Avoid Others

Don't try to avoid anyone at the destination wedding. If there are some guests you might feel questionable about, do your best to try and share a new bond on this journey together!  This is a time to look to the future and enjoy new experiences together.

Do: Take a moment and say 'thanks'.

If you trekked 3000 miles and took two boats to get to the 'destination' you might feel that you are owed the thanks... you're not wrong ;-).  Nevertheless, despite the hardships of travel, at the end of the day try to remember why you are here--the bride and groom.  Not to mention, the destination is for you too.  At SpeechBooth, we love to travel by any means--carry-on, checked bag, horseback, whatever. We love to help couples get a chance to capture these truly unique memories even if the locale is far-flung. Some of the most heartfelt and beautiful wedding speeches we have received were from destination weddings. We think that is a true testament to the unique environment and special closeness that are seen and felt at a destination wedding. It is the kind of experience that is worth giving thanks for.

Just like pizza, there are no bad weddings.

Weddings are like pizza, you'd have trouble finding one that you don't enjoy.    We know it's not really going out on a limb to say Pizza is  inherently delicious, but its  important to remember that weddings are the same way too.  So if you ever find yourself stressing out over the important ingredients in your wedding, just know that you can't make a bad pizza and you can't plan a bad wedding!

Here are a few reasons why we think so:

Everyone is there for a good time.

Even if you don’t know the bride or groom, even if you had other plans for that day, who cares?! It’s a wedding! You’re not getting a root canal! You’re not suffering through an excel spreadsheet! You’re eating cake and drinking champagne!

Let’s boogie!

Whether it’s live music or your local DJ with a chinstrap beard, music is music. Letting lose on a wedding dance floors is one of the last liberties we have to look completely insane, foolish, and carefree. Bless it. Take advantage of the one event to witness your grandmother singing both “No Diggity” and “The Macarena” back to back, and it’s not even 1996! Not everyone is a great dancer, but EVERYONE can dance at a wedding.

Weddings are that rare occasion when both attention-seekers and quiet mannered individuals alike speak from the heart, and address those they love.

Wine and dine like royalty.

“Another crab cake dumpling? Of course I will” Who could resist finger foods and tasty libations? Even if you need bring a dish, it’s still an excuse to indulge. “Potluck wedding you say? I’ll be sure to make some Frito Pie” What other occasions can you sample everything from pigs in a blanket to tiramisu cup cakes in the same sitting? Weddings let us sample some of the best treats around without societal judgment.


We’ve seen some of the bravest, funniest, and most caring speeches at weddings with SpeechBooth over the years. Weddings are that rare occasion when both attention-seekers and quiet mannered individuals alike speak from the heart, and address those they love.  These special, fleeting moments are another reason weddings are great.

Friends and family.

Yes, save the best for last. There’s no doubt weddings are fun, awesome, exciting and “trending” for many reasons. The glitz and glamour are fun, but each other’s company is where it really counts and we love to help couples capture that.

When It Rains, It Doesn’t Have To Pour: Appreciating Your Rainy Wedding Day

Wedding weather anxiety: Even if you don't plan on having an outdoor wedding, it can be very real, occasionally leading to sleepless nights and near-obsessive behavior when checking the forecasts. “Will it rain on my big day? Is two months out too far to accurately predict the rain? Should I pray to the weather Gods?” At your best, perhaps you take the 'what-will-be-will-be' attitude, but perhaps you find yourself checking the the weather forecast on your phone just a little too frequently. 

There’s no sense in fretting over what’s out of our hands, but a little mental preparation can go a long way towards feeling good about what you cannot change. Take it from us, we have seen quite a few weddings since we started SpeechBooth in 2014 and great weddings do not need great weather.  However, incase you do find that your big day has some surprising showers; here are a few suggestions to keep your sanity and enjoy the day regardless of a few drops.

Enjoy the coziness.

If the breathtaking views and rose garden are inaccessible during the showers, the guests will still be happy to enjoy the party and so should you. If the guests need to stay huddled under the tent, don’t fret. The music, the bar, the food and each other’s company are really what its all about and will ensure happiness for all. It’s not all about the vistas and peacock gardens. When people come together for a fun celebration, they find joy from each other, not the surrounding vistas.

"Regardless of rain or shine, the fun and magic of a wedding exists inside its unique story."

Don’t fret about the guests.

This is your day. The last thing your guests want is to have you worried whether they’re having a good time or not. Even if Uncle Peter wasn’t able to play bocce on the sand dunes, he’ll be just fine. It’s ok that your friend Jill from Iowa can’t put her toes in the ocean during the reception. Their attendance is to show you love for your union, not to feel like they are a Sandals resort commercial.


You never know, there could be a rainbow at the end.

Many of us have been to a wedding or two that have endured some stormy weather. Yet, we all come away with stories of shining moments born from the unpredictability of Mother Nature. The groomsmen might have engineered some sort of slip and slide. Maybe the bride’s grandmother danced barefoot in the puddles? Or perhaps the conga line danced right out from under the tent into the thunderstorm. It’s all part of the fun.

Every week we receive new wedding stories told through the speeches of happy guests in spite of the weather conditions. Regardless of rain or shine, the fun and magic of a wedding exists inside its unique story. Plus, it would be just a little boring if the entire day went perfectly to plan! So enjoy whatever your day brings and let your story be told, remembered, and cherished for years to come.  

Help the bride and groom on their big day: Tips for Wedding Guests

Let’s face it, the bride and groom have A LOT on their hands during the wedding day. If it wasn’t enough stress planning the wedding for months, or perhaps years, the day itself is just booked with responsibilities for the couple-to-be.

It often seems as though the celebrated couple just can't get enough time to truly enjoy and connect with each of their guests and appreciate the full magic of the day. When everyone is getting loose for the night, the bride and groom are shuttled off to take pictures for hours. Ceremonial first dances, cutting cake, toasts, there’s just a huge itinerary of must-do’s for the modern day bride and groom.

With family and friends all looking to celebrate and have a great time, the expectations for great food, fun music, and beautiful atmosphere are very high. These demands can all weigh on the newlyweds. Here are a few good suggestions that wedding guests can do to help the bride and groom on their wedding day:

Talk to the relatives: You know those relatives that just can't seem to stop approaching the newlyweds for undivided attention?  To shield the couple from these notice-seeking guests, anchor yourself to them for a little while, and lend them your ear. “Aunt Maggie, you want to tell the bride and groom about the time you rode bikes to Chicago? No, tell me instead!” The more defenses you can run on the clingy relatives, the better chance the bride and groom have a chance to spread their attention around evenly.

Keep your critiques to yourself: It’s ok that the caterer is using green plates; it’s also ok that there is a “nautical theme” on the napkins. It’s ok that the chicken is dry and the mint sauce is too salty, and if it’s not ok, well that's fine too. Even if some of these choices are less than desirable. What is this day really all about.  Tell them it’s great!  Tell them THEY are great!  In the grand scheme, it might not matter that much that the nautical themed centerpieces and arts-and-crafts tableware clash.

 "One of the cruel ironies of weddings is that after months of planning and preparation the bride and groom cannot always share in the big day with their guests"

Please check your coats (and drama) at the door: Weddings bring out all sorts of emotions in people, most are wonderful, some mayby overly gushy and a few may be wholly misguided. There’s always potential for these more complicated feelings to take center stage during the celebrations. If there’s a cousin you haven’t talked to or an ex that you’d rather not see, do your best to not bring up the past, and leave the drama-drama at the door. 

Let them know you care: One of the cruel ironies of weddings is that after months of planning and preparation the bride and groom cannot always share in the big day with their guests. It's a whirlwind of familiar faces, events, and activities. We don't always get that quality one on one time with the couple.  To help support the couple when you both of you don't get a moment to say 'hello' you can leave a message in the guestbook, pose for a photo, or better yet, head over to SpeechBooth and leave a memory.  The bride and groom with thank you for it!

Keep The 4th Rockin': Suggestions for an Epic 4th of July


We all want to show some American pride on the 4th of July. Whether it’s wearing a red, white and blue blazer or hosting your wedding on the holiday weekend itself, there’s lots of fun to be had celebrating the most American holiday of them all.

We have seen many events using SpeechBooth on the big 4th; here’s five tips to keep your wedding Or event rocking through the 4th of July.


American Flag Shirt:

There’s nothing that says, “I’m here to party and celebrate independence” like an American flag-themed shirt, vest, dress, or hat. If you have an uncle with an eccentric personality and eclectic closet, you’re sure to find some Americana in there. “Borrow” this piece of wearable piece of history and display it proudly.  


What can be said about sparklers that sparklers don’t already say about themselves? They’re great. These small sticks of pyrotechnic beauty are great for pictures, videos and they’re manageable in most situations. It’s not always easy (or legal) to have large surface-to-air ordinance style fireworks for weddings and parties. The almighty sparkler captures the magic of fireworks, and in the palm of your hand.



BBQ Food:

Let’s face it, no matter how selective your guests are, or how high-end your caterer is, who doesn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned burger or dog on the 4th of July? Or, how about veggie burgers and dogs? Watermelon and Hoodsie cups? These are basic staples of the holiday, like candy on Halloween or champagne on New Year’s Eve; everything is just better with them.


The Outdoors:

This goes without saying, but if you can either host your 4th of July gettogether outdoors, DO IT! This is the one time of year when everyone wants to outside. I dare someone who says, “I don’t like the outdoors” to cast criticism on an outside 4th of July wedding.  Even the crabbiest of personalities would enjoy crab cakes by the beach on the 4th.  Did we mention that speeches recorded outside look AWESOME. 

Wishing everyone who is celebrating and making memories today a Happy 4th of July from Team SpeechBooth!

Drop The Mic: Some Speeches Are Best Left For The Bride & Groom

Speeches are tough. It’s that simple. Wedding speeches, maybe most of all. When you’re forced to, or even voluntarily decide to address a large group, it’s never an easy process. For beginners, having to stand up in front of a crowd and speak can be a scary thought and for the introverted it can be downright terrifying.

Wedding speeches can be the most nerve-wracking of them all because its not just that your career is on the line or that your classmates are waiting in anticipation for a word-slip. No, the wedding speech represents some of the most meaningful relationships you have in your life, and you not only wish to succeed, but you want it to come from the heart.

It’s speech time!

Just before you begin to address the crowd, maybe you’re hoping that the “Wedding Punch” will give you the liquid courage you'll need--without giving you too much courage. Maybe you’re hoping that the crowd has enjoyed their Wedding Punch too and will find you just that much more charming and funny.

Your time in the spotlight is now:  You have your speech planned and ready.  You are going to regale the wedding party with that funny story that only you know. The one about how the groom got sick off shellfish at his company retreat, and the bride to be had to drive 2 hours to pick him up. She had to stop in at four different stores before any place had Pepto-Bismol. Everyone will find this heartwarming and funny.

“Maybe I should have saved that one for just the bride and groom”

But as you tell this story, it is most certainly not going the way you imagined. You look down and realize that the preferred dinner option on everyone's plate is clams casino, and you’ve just told 120 people about accidental food poisoning. The story that was supposed to be funny and sweet, a true example of the bride and groom’s love and commitment to each other, has fallen flat. 

As you stand at the head table, mic in hand, you desperately try and recover with a different joke while the silence of the crowd creeps down your spine. As you wrap your speech, you get the pity cheers and applause you need while you slink back into your seat. The thought going through you head, over and over “Maybe I should have saved that one for just the bride and groom”.

The best speeches come from the heart and without any fear of ‘speech-regret’

Of course, not all speeches crash and burn this dramatically at the podium. But still, who of us doesn't have a great memory that is worth sharing which might not be suitable for a large crowd? These private and personal memories can be the most meaningful and the most cherished precisely because they are so unfiltered, funny, oftentimes-awkward.  The best speeches come from the heart and without any fear of 'speech-regret'.  

For those who want to share a funny story or heartfelt message that is better suited for just the bride and groom here are 3 useful tips:

Come as you are.  Face flush from dancing the night away? dress ruffled? shirt untucked? Leave all of it!  It adds to the special moment. Bring the enthusiasm. Trust us, your 'audience' will love it.

Grab the mic, don't drop it.   The microphone is your scepter, when you hold it, the power is yours.  Take the opportunity to say whats on your mind and forget appealing to 'the crowd'.

Speak from the heart.   Take the opportunity to speak with the Bride and Groom one-on-one.  No one will judge you for being overly heartfelt and emotional.

Dad's Camcorder: Gone But Not Forgotten

Remember a time when dads would follow their kids around with a large camcorder mounted on their shoulders? We’re talking LARGE, like full VHS tape, microwave oven large.

Those dads suffered with heavy, clunky electronics on their shoulders. They endured through sweat, tears, and shoulder pain to keep you in the shot and capture those precious moments in low-fidelity. Looking back upon this duty, those dads were soldiers who deserve honorary medals for suffering through special occasions, strapped for VHS war. Luckily, nowadays we can capture our memories without burdening dad with a heavy camcorder.

"Like the bulky camcorders that 90's dads dutifully lugged, some technology is best left in the past."

The videos they took offer us a unique glimpse into our memories. We look upon these times with nostalgia for many different reasons; we’ve all got a special love for something goofy from our pasts. Some of us are still in love with vintage fashion. Some of us are in love with old TV shows and trying to convince others that the quality used to be so much better, like those who say “Golden Girls beats any new show on Netflix!"

Almost all of us love music from another time. Little known fact: There’s always a right time and place to jam out to Ace of Base. Our nostalgia knows almost no bounds. Except, maybe for electronics. 

Has a family member ever said to you, “Jeez, I really wish they’d bring back small and heavy tube TVs"? Or, “I miss the convenience of recording songs off the radio onto cassette tapes, it was just the best!”. Like the bulky camcorders that 90's dads dutifully lugged, some technology is best left in the past.


If only SpeechBooth had existed back then! Many shoulders would have been saved, and frustrations avoided. Fun fact: the entire SpeechBooth kit at 10lb. weighs about the same as a consumer-grade camcorder in 1988 and captures memories by itself.


In honor of the forgotten VHS warriors, let us raise our glasses to these brave souls. To those with sore shoulders from oppressive camcorders, you have served us well.


So How Does SpeechBooth Work?

Getting a fully equipped video booth delivered to your front door in an easy to carry box sounds too good to be true, right? With SpeechBooth, our mission is to make video recording fun, high quality, spontaneous, sincere and most of all easy. So how exactly does it all work?

Ordering – We typically ask that you order your video booth a few months before your wedding. This way, we can ensure that we have inventory allocated to your wedding and that all of your details are in our system. When ordering, simply specify where you want the kit to arrive. We can ship to homes, hotels, offices, houseboats, you name it! We also ensure that your kit will show up a few days before your wedding so you have plenty of time with no stress.

Receiving – Your video booth will arrive in one easy to carry box, weighing less than 10 pounds and even comes with a handle. It’s like carrying a large box of chocolates (ok, maybe a little bigger). In your kit, you’ll find easy to follow instructions as well as a return shipping label for you to use to ship the kit back after your event. SpeechBooth works with FedEx exclusively to make sure that your kit is shipped safely and securely.  In your kit, you’ll also find a tripod, your customized ipad, light, microphone, microphone holder and sign.

Assembling – Open the tripod. Snap in the ipad. attach the microphone holder. Plug in the mic, place the sign on the front of the tripod. Done!

Placement – We recommend a few things when deciding where to put your SpeechBooth. First of all, remember your video booth is portable, you can move the tripod around if you like, to capture all the action. For the best footage, we encourage you to find a relatively quiet place with ample lighting. While you don’t need to put your SpeechBooth in the silent hallway, just try not to put it right next to your speakers or band. As for lighting, natural light works best, but if you’re having a night wedding indoor lights work just fine. In addition, SpeechBooth comes with a light pre-attached to your ipad that stays on all night to give you plenty of backup.

Turn it on – Once you turn SpeechBooth on, it’s good to go without an attendant for roughly 6 hours. Just turn on your ipad and open the SpeechBooth app, turn on the light and let your guests go wild.

Break it down – After your wedding, disassemble your video booth which will take you less than two minutes. Put everything back in the box and you’re done for the night. Woohoo!

Send it back – In the days following your wedding, all you need to do is slap the return label back on the box and drop your kit off at FedEx. Once we receive the kit back at our headquarters, you’ll receive your footage within 30 days. Done and done!

Well that's it folks, your all inclusive and unique video booth experience. No secrets here, we’re 100% dedicated to being the easiest and most fun part of your wedding, while providing you with memorable footage that will last a lifetime. We look forward to being a part of your big day and if you have any questions at all, just say hi at

Making Your Video Booth Portable

One of the best parts about weddings is the amount if unique moments that happen out in the wild.  Belting out the chorus to Don’t Stop Believing, hearing what your crazy uncle has to say about love or the sole fact that all the people you care about most are together in the same room just for you.

With so much going on at your wedding, one thing we love to highlight for our customers is the fact that your SpeechBooth doesn’t have to stay in one place throughout the course of the day. Oh no, this is not your typical video booth, this is SpeechBooth.

Weighing less than 10 pounds, you can pick up your video booth by the tripod and move it around. While you should be cognizant of potential blunders when moving SpeechBooth, remember that everything is attached together, so hold your kit by the tripod and get portable.

You should feel free to move your video booth around to where the action is, whether it be at the bar or on the dance floor. We recently heard from one couple who got married in the mountains of NH, that their SpeechBooth made it to the center of the floor, with people dancing around the tripod and singing to their hearts content…unforgettable footage.

For all day weddings that start outside and end indoors, don’t leave your SpeechBooth abandoned. If the people go inside, bring your video booth in as well! We love to see people get creative with SpeechBooth, it’s one of the best parts about the kit, so get the ideas flowing and create the most unique experiences that you’ll never forget. We’ve see groups of wedding guests reenact scenes from movies, speeches, musical albums…etc, the bolder the better. So enjoy your experience with the video booth and we can’t wait to see your footage! 

Video Booth vs. Photo Booth

It's a perfectly legitimate question to ask yourself...should I get a video booth or a photo booth? Or both? Or neither? 

With the meteoric rise of photo sharing over the past few years, we've all become obsessed with photos...I mean just look at the rise of selfies. We've gotten to the point to where everyone has their phone out and in their hand almost all the time! Walking down the street, walking down the hall, walking down the...aisle? That's why we created SpeechBooth.

The glory of having a video booth at your wedding or event is that your guests can leave the most meaningful memories based on their raw and live experience, like Tyler and Madison's wedding!

As you think about your wedding or event and whether or not to get a photo booth or a video booth, this one little exercise might help you decide. Watch the video above and pause it at any moment. Then ask yourself, what captures the emotion of the event more, a static image or a live video?

5 Essentials For Your Wedding Video Booth

A lot of people ask us, where’s the best place to put SpeechBooth at my event? While you can put your video booth wherever you’d like to (because SpeechBooth is portable), we do have a few suggestions.

1. Lighting – The best video recordings are ones with ample lighting. If there’s an area at your event with natural light shining down that’s ideal. If not though, then find a well-lit area of a room for guests to use. If your event is at night and all the rooms are dark fear not, SpeechBooth comes equipped with a light that can stay on all night long!

2. Noise – It’s your wedding, so naturally there’s going to be background noise at your reception! Our recommendation for placing your video booth is to be mindful. For instance, don’t place SpeechBooth next to your DJ Booth or next to large speakers. Rest assured though, our HD microphone does a great job at not only blocking out general background noise but also picking up the voice of the person speaking into the microphone. As long as your microphone is plugged in, you’re good to go on audio.

3. Background – The great part about having a portable video booth is that you can have complete freedom to place it wherever you want. Our tripod only takes up a few feet, so SpeechBooth can fit into tight spaces if needed. We’ve had couples use a bunch of things for their backgrounds including blank walls, a lake, a field and/or setting up a simple backdrop. While the background is something to consider, don’t forget that people are standing roughly 2 feet away from SpeechBooth so most of the focus is on the people and their special messages to you!

4. Height – We know that not everyone at your event is going to be the same height. Thankfully, SpeechBooth can be quickly adjust to accommodate the heights of your guests. With a simple hand crank, the height of your SpeechBooth screen can be brought up or down and easily locks into place.

5. Speeches – When your guests are leaving speeches, they’ll be standing roughly 2 feet back from the screen, although they’re welcome to move around. We’ve seen people sing and dance all over the place when leaving their messages and the more creative the better! While people are leaving speeches, they’ll be instructed to look at the forward facing camera and can leave a speech as long as they’d like. While most video booth speeches last 30-60 seconds, we’ve certainly seen some longer ones :)

We hope you found these tips useful! SpeechBooth takes less than 5 minutes to set-up and comes complete with visual instructions that can be followed with relative ease. If you have any questions regarding your event, reach out to us at!