Wedding Video Booth Testimonials from Happy SpeechBooth Customers! 

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love this video!! The mix of funny and sweet was perfect, and it captured everyones personalities so candidly.
— Jennifer Ligouri
I absolutely love our video... It was like having a next gen photobooth at the wedding without having to lug in a giant booth -impossible for a destination/traveling wedding.
— Jenn Meehan
Gerald and I were thrilled to have a SpeechBooth at our wedding. There was a line for it all night, and the videos are amazing!
— Joe Bowdish
I’m so glad I did it. We’ve watched our videos from aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents and of course our friends so many times and now we have those memories forever.
— Karissa Gilchrist

More Testimonials From Satisfied SpeechBooth Customers!

 - I encountered Speechbooth while browsing Pinterest, and after checking out their very informative website, I just knew that I had to have it for our destination wedding. I emailed the company with specific requests and Wil replied almost instantly and he was very accommodating with what I needed. I very HIGHLY recommend this company and product- it is worth every penny to have and all our guests loved the idea!! It is super compact and easy to set up. It got shipped on time and I rented all the way from Toronto and brought it with us to Mexico, and because I couldn't ship it back right away, Wil was very understanding of my situation. I was very impressed with the professionalism and quick response and I commend Speechbooth staff for amazing customer service. We cannot wait to receive our speeches. Thank you so much!!  

 - My wife and I got married roughly a month ago and utilized the services of Speechbooth for our event. To be completely honest, I had never heard of this company but the idea of it seemed great. We had definitely been to weddings with the classic Photobooth, but the idea of your guests getting film a video really adds a special touch. Not to mention, we had also looked into various videographers, but most were well out of our budget. Speechbooth not only took the place of what a videographer could do, but in my opinion, did a much better job of uniquely capturing all the people we love on our special day. Speechbooth was also very popular among our guests-when speaking to people that attended, they were quick to tell us how much they enjoyed making their video at the wedding. Needless to say, I would definitely recommend Speachbooth to anybody looking for a fun way to capture their big day, in a way I personally had never seen before.

 - We were so impressed with SpeechBooth! Everything from start to finish was so easy and the customer service was absolutely top notch! I found SpeechBooth through one of the wedding websites and I thought it was a great way of capturing video at our wedding without having to shell out all the money for a videographer. I also liked the idea that the video was just our guests being their candid selves. I would highly recommend SpeechBooth for your next wedding or event!

 - Speechbooth is simply awesome. We knew we wanted a video component to our wedding but couldn't afford both a photographer and videographer so we began looking for some alternative options. We came across Speechbooth in The Knot and it really fit the bill. After reviewing both Speechbooth and our pictures, I must say, we've watched our Speechbooth videos far more than we've scrolled through the photographer. We had an incredible photographer who captured each moment so well, but those pictures don't talk to you and our videos from this technology will be animated reminders for the rest of our lives of how special that day was. The product is incredibly user-friendly, packaging was simple, sleek and light. The price is a fraction of what you pay for photos and makes for an invaluable addition to any wedding. It's fun too - we placed our Speechbooth near the bar to encourage our slightly loosened-up guests to engage - and it worked like a charm! I'd say about 50% of folks left us a message/speech and we couldn't be happier with the footage. THANK YOU Speechbooth! A++

 - My wife and I are extremely satisfied with our Speechbooth experience. The entire process was very professional from start to finish, I would absolutely recommend Speechbooth to anyone planning a wedding or other large event.

 - We had a great experience with SpeechBooth, and our guests loved it! Everyone had a great time leaving messages, and the speeches got funnier the longer the bar was open. The SpeechBooth team (shoutout to Dan!) was wonderful to work with--they're incredibly responsive, helpful and ready for questions. We also found the value to be tremendous. We didn't spend thousands on a videographer, but we still got the incredibly personal messages and video memories. We laughed and cried, and we're very thankful to SpeechBooth for the great service, product and price.

 - SpeechBooth was exactly what we wanted at our wedding. A no-hassle and inexpensive way to capture video messages from our wedding guests. We will be able to watch our videos for the rest of our lives. SpeechBooth took up very little room, and because of the included signage, we were able to place it in a corner and still get plenty of people to see and use it. Since the hardware is an iPad, people knew straight away what to do. Overall, very little effort was required on our part.

We got our raw footage and highlight reel shortly after returning from our honeymoon, much faster than anticipated. It was great to come home and be reminded of the wonderful event. We loved the editing job that the guys at SpeechBooth did. The father of the bride secretly did a gag over a number of short videos, and the SpeechBooth guys weaved it perfectly throughout the videos.

 - Speechbooth was absolutely an amazing addition to our wedding! It was so much fun and our guests loved it, and we now have the pleasure of watching the videos for years to come ( especially when we need a little laugh). I would recommend this company to anyone who wants something a little different to add to their wedding, it is a more fun than a photobooth! All of our friends have been raving about the highlight reel, going from laughing to crying all in 2 minutes! We had the speechbooth sent to Canada and it arrived on time without any issues and was super easy to set up and tear down. Dan was exceptional and answered all of our questions on a timely basis, which is so appreciated when planning a wedding. Don't doubt using this company the value is exceptional and you will cherish these videos in the years to come!

 - I liked the videos I got back from SpeechBooth more than the photos... less staged, very guest-focused, and so genuinely hilarious and sweet. It was really cool to see the event more from the guest's perspective, too. Really glad I had this at our wedding. Way better than the photo booths everyone has. Would use again.

 - I honestly can't think of a single thing for our wedding that had a better cost-benefit ratio. SpeechBooth was super easy to set up, was so much fun for our friends and family, and watching the video with my wife kept a smile plastered to our face for 22 minutes. The videos captured the spirt of the day, as the toasts started out heartfelt, and as the night wore on, became boozier and funnier (yes, we had multiple people sing to us). Photos are essential and the videographer will provide a nice narrative memory, but nothing else could capture the joy, insanity, heart, and thoughts of our loved ones. Thanks SpeechBooth - I kinda wish we could get married again just to have another one.

 - I can't say enough good things about Speech Booth. We used the service for a wedding in upstate NY and the entire process was seamless. The company was timely and helpful in their communication before the event and the set up of the device was super easy. The quality of the video was even better than I was expecting. The lighting the "booth" provides makes the end product looked very professional and flattering to the people in the video. The sound quality was also excellent which was impressive considering we had to put the Speech Booth in the corner of a very noisy cocktail space on the patio. The microphone must be great quality because it only picks up the sounds of the people speaking and all of the background noise is eliminated. After the wedding there was a quick turn around and we had the final product less than 2 weeks after the event. The editing on the final compilation videos was perfect. They placed quiet background music in the video that gave it a very sentimental and professional feel. I also loved the way they pieced together the videos. It was a great flow between serious and heartfelt messages and silly speeches and bloopers. The best part of it all was watching back over all the amazing messages from the night. We got to hear from friends and family we didn't get to spend as much time with and we got to see memories from the night that we would have otherwise missed. I think the value of the video will only grow over time. I can imagine it would be pretty amazing to watch the video back in 15 or 20 years and see the faces, movements, and words of all the people we love most. Lastly, the price cannot be beat. We decided to get Speech Booth but it was an affordable way of capturing video memories from the day without the absurd costs of a videographer. I cannot recommend this enough, it was a hit with our guests and definitely one of the most memorable parts of our wedding day!

 - We got SpeechBooth for our daughter's wedding and it is the most fun, vital reminder of the wonderful day. I would so highly recommend it as a way to create really live vivid reminders of the day. To see everyone and hear their thoughts/songs/greetings is really fun and it was super easy to use. It's the perfect complement to having a photographer and I would recommend it over a videographer as it's so spontaneous and natural. The messages feel very real and heart felt. Love it!

- We brought this down to our destination wedding in Punta Cana and I am SO glad we did. It was really easy to set up and the footage we received is absolutely priceless. With all the running around from guest to guest you do on your wedding day, we never would have had the memories we got from our SpeechBooth. Also, I paid 3X as much for a videographer and got way more value from the SpeechBooth footage. Definitely happy we went with this vendor!!!

- SpeechBooth was my favorite part of our wedding! We loved the video and watch it all the time. Pictures are great but I would highly recommend using a speech booth to enhance your wedding memories. It was so easy to use for our friends and family, regardless of age, and the videos ended up being a great combination of funny, sentimental and sweet. The speech booth itself is so easy to set up and takes up significantly less space than the (over played) photo booth. I recommend the speech booth to all my friends and family! You will not be disappointed!