Top 5 Ideas for a Corporate Video Booth

At SpeechBooth, we love the Spring because it’s a time of renewal and fresh energy.   At our Boston-area offices, sunshine, fresh flowers, and green leaves are all here and there is an excitement to reconnect with one another. It's no wonder that corporate conference season is in full swing and we love being a part of that.  It's the perfect time of year to engage with your customers, get feedback from users, and communicate with business colleagues.  If you are looking to increase engagement among your conference attendees, Speechbooth is the perfect way to capture rich feedback and ideas from your customers with an easy-to-use video booth. With Speechbooth, attendees can just touch a button to record a video message for your company or brand.  SpeechBooth is turn-key and hassle free. It arrives in a compact, lightweight box with everything you need to capture powerful messages, and includes all post-event editing and secure video hosting.  No staff is required to operate it, and there are countless ways SpeechBooth can help you connect with your customers.  

Below is a list of the Top 5 ideas we’ve seen for corporate video booths.

  1. Give Your Customers a Voice
    Let our easy-to-use DIY video booth help your organization get feedback that is up close and personal.  Use the opportunity to have your customers tell their personal story of your brand or product.  This links the outside customer directly to inside your organization through a rich video message.  This can help the all-too-common situation where internal teams can become disconnected from the customer and can help build a real meaningful sense of purpose.  Now many people in an organization can hear (and see) what customers are saying as if they were face-to-face.
  2. Brainstorm Ideas
    SpeechBooth’s on-screen customization makes it easy to pose a thought-provoking question to greet attendees. For example, let’s say you are running a conference on internet security and you want ideas on how to improve public awareness of identity theft. After the event is over, we provide you the speech of each attendee edited into a single movie clip. We also assemble a highlight reel of the best speeches for sharing inside and outside your organization
  3. Hold a “Focus Group"
    SpeechBooth is a perfect way to hold an impromptu focus group on a new idea or product - without the expense or personal inhibitions that are typically associated with a professionally staffed product feedback experiences.  SpeechBooth can be placed in a convenient location next to a product or customized with a message of an idea you want to test. It allows for gathering rich feedback across an entire conference or event, not just in a scheduled session.
  4. Get Feedback
    Sure, you could send out survey links after a conference is over, but response rates for surveys are low and memories fade after the event. You don’t need to rely on attendees typing up responses when they can tell you (in real time) what they think while still in the middle of their conference experience.
  5. Develop Your brand.
    Ask your customers meaningful questions about what your brand or product means to them. Customer stories told through SpeechBooth have inspired companies to rethink their brand’s impact and to explore new opportunities as told directly by their customers.  Your customers can become your brand evangelists and their messages can provide you with powerful brand awareness and advocacy.

There are many ways to use SpeechBooth at your conference or event. Contact us to see how we can help your organization.